Educate A Child

Educate A Child

Project : Children’s Education
Duration : Each Year
Tier 1 : Rs 3000 / year ( Rs 250.00 / month )

In this tier, with your contribution, we will provide kids with their notebook and school supplies. The kids will be selected on their will and wish to study and their family’s financial situation. Sponsor can join for the distribution.

Tier 2 : Rs 6000 / year ( Rs 500 / month)

In this tier, with your contribution, we will select specified kids and manage their education till they complete 12th grade. We will also put them into group tuition at our selected locations which are conducted by our volunteers at their minimum cost basis.

Tier 3 : Rs 12000 / year ( Rs 1000 / month)

In this tier, with your contribution, one child will reach all the way through college. We will allocate one specific child education volunteer who will work with the kids all educational requirement, financial requirement, empowering them to create a future for themselves and their families. We will also create a communication structure ( email and/or phone ) between the child and sponsor. We will send regular reports of child’s educational progress to the sponsor. Sponsor will completely know how far in the education the child is progressing. Sponsor will also have an opportunity to meet the child and be involved in their lives during different social and festive events. Needless to say, the child will be selected after interview of the child and whole family and assessing their financial need and drive to educate the child.

We are proposing three steps :
1) Selection of child
2) Execution & monitoring the progress of child
3) Creating Future for child

1) Selection of Child :

Every child is very special and has unique qualities which are very personal. Making a difference means providing what is missing or required in a child –presence of which would make Difference in the child, future of that family and country.

A child can be brilliant in academics and/or in other fields. We will select children with both qualities – together / or in isolation.

To qualify a child should have following qualities :
Very good in academics or special skills ( acquiring their last 3 yrs results)
Very eager to pursue in the same and very hard working ( Personal Interview of child n family)
Family is also equally interested in child’s further education and very cooperative
School is also interested ( that’s a plus – straight talk with them of expected support. )
Financially needy ( check IT returns or speak to employers of parents to ensure their financial situation )

We will also ensure that all the required scrutiny of the child, family and other aspects is done with complete integrity and thoroughly. We are not going to be fooled by people who do not require support and get it from us.

2) Execution :
We will have a team of Volunteers who are passionate about education be involved in this step. They will be assigned 2-3 kids to monitor the weekly/monthly growth of child and create a development track record for each child who we are completely sponsoring the tier 3 of Rs 12000.00 per year. That means, this Team MAD Volunteer will personally work or be in communication with child, parents, principal of the school and the tuition class if we provide to the child. As and when required for any additional support, board members will be asked to get involved to rectify or elevate any matter for the child. We are committed to put this child through college and make him/her a successful human being ready to face the challenges of the future and support his/her family and in future, support other children as a part of Team MAD.

3) Creating Future for child :
At regular interval, we will be organizing career counseling from professionals at appropriate time of their education such that they choose the most appropriate field for their college and further studies. We will also have sessions of empowering kids in a non-educational way, to work and cause their own future and have them experience winning on their own.
We will be using a lot of ontological distinction which we have learnt and trained ourselves at Landmark worldwide in service of development of these children to make them find world citizens.

Welcome to the creation of a brighter india, an educated india…