Project : Food For All

Dear Citizens,
In the current situations that world is dealing with COVID-19 Corona Virus, Team MAD (Making A
Difference) can not be sitting idle and not contribute anything. We have created a new project to take care of
those who have no access to food due to various reasons in this lockdown period.
We have so far distributed 720 Food Kits to families living in remote villages like Karoli, Khatraj, Moti
Bhoyan, Bhimasan, Hajipur, Santej, Jethlaj etc. These families are daily wages workers in these villages where
there are some factories and industries. No help has reached to them from government or any NGO so far and
we are serving them.

We have done 4 food drives so far where each drive, we provided following:
-> Wheat flour 5 kg
-> Rice and Dal mix 2 kg
-> Onions and Potatos – 500 gms each (Started from 3 rd dirve)
This kit feeds a family of 4 for about 5 to 7 days. The approximate cost (which varies in each drive) for each
food kit is from 250 to 265 rupees. We are now procuring wheat, onions and potatos from local farmers such that it can support farmers also in these trying times. We are expecting for lockdown to continue for longer duration so we are now raising more funds. Some of the pictures of distribution are attached below.

Appeal for your Contribution:
We request that you consider donating based how many families you would like to support for food for a week.
For example, if you want to support 10 families, please donate Rs 250 * 10 = Rs 2500. There is no minimum
donation amount. You can contribute what works for you.