Project : Salute to our Heroes

Dear Citizens,In the current situations that world is dealing with COVID-19 Corona Virus, Team MAD (Making A Difference) can not be sitting idle and not contribute anything. We are so committed to support and appreciate work that the police, government officials, medical fraternity and other local corporation agencies are doing to keep us safe.

Making A Difference is launching a new project “Salute to our Heroes”. This is what Team MAD has planned to execute.

Phase 1:
Under the guidance of Shri Ajaykumar Tomar (IPS), we will distribute Multi-vitamin tables to on-duty policemen, traffic and government personnel who are working tirelessly to keep us safe. We have procured 20,000 vitamin tables and 12000 electral energy powder sachets too. The budget for phase 1 is 5 lacs rupees.

Phase 2:
If the lock down period continues longer, we will have another round of the same vitamin tables and energy sachet to be distributed to our heroes.We will be taking support of police department in the distribution and will follow utmost safety for the health and well-being of our volunteers.

Appeal for your Contribution:

To raise the funds for this project, Making A Difference has decided to match the donation that is provided by citizens into these funds.

For example,
If you donate Rs 1000 to Making A Difference, we will add Rs 1000 to your donation and donate total
Rs. 2000 to this project of “Salute to our Heroes”.