Tree Plantation

[vc_custom_heading text=”Go Green (Tree Plantation, No to Plastic)”]

In this age of technological advances, we feel, we have started losing touch with nature. Because of cultural changes, infrastructural growth and materialistic requirements, environment is not on our list of priorities. We at team MAD can’t afford to sit back on the growing concerns of global warming, melting icebergs and lack of rain each year.

With a commitment to a green future, we have taken on the task of planting as many trees as possible. Along with that, we are also making people accountable for nurturing the planted and existing trees. We enroll young kids to take an active part in planting and growing trees. This is our mother earth, our responsibility and where we want future generations to live healthy.

We are looking at more and more locations and schools to plant trees. We manage everything including buying plants, digging up holes, planting saplings and all we want from residents or school administration is watering them regularly and nurturing them till they grow. This is not just tree plantation; this is implanting culture and concern of environment in these kids & elders, which will help us in getting a green city and green future.

Also, given the excessive use of plastic, it has a huge impact on our planet too. We initiated giving away 25000 non-woven recycled and reusable bags to citizens for free such that plastic bags are minimized. We are also coming up with cotton cloth bags in future which will be made by struggling women in villages to provide them employment by sewing these bags and save nature.