Khilta Phool

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In India, we do not have any verified data of kids who lose their lives and do not even wake up in morning in the chilling winter because they don’t have warm clothing or blankets while they are living in unfavorable conditions.

We may be comfortable in our homes but deprived and underprivileged kids sleeping on streets, living in temporary homes, with their parents having to choose between food or a jacket/blanket for their kids, to protect them from cold weather, 2 friends (Viren and Manthan Patel) initiated “Khilta Phool” project in winter of 2011.

Since then, Team MAD volunteers distribute winter jackets to kids of ages 2-10 on the streets, villages, slums, municipal schools, orphanages, AIDS institutes, highways and remote locations too. Our Volunteers personally donate each jacket one on one. Along with each jacket, what we give away to each kid in need is “WE CARE”.

Here is some Data of this Khilta Phool :

We distributed these jackets all around Gujarat, Delhi and Rajasthan. Our goal this year in 2019-20 is to distribute 12,000 jackets in total out of which 3000 in Delhi and 2000 in Rajasthan and 7000 jackets in remote places of Gujarat.

The smiles or tears of joy on their faces are all worth the effort.