[vc_custom_heading text=”Parinda (Save Birds)”]

With the onset of summer each year, temperatures rise due to heat wave across  Gujarat. We have observed the impact of this heat wave on birds as it becomes difficult for them to find drinking water. Lack of hydration in this climate can be really hazardous not only for us but also for the birds. So Team MAD created project “PARINDA”.

It’s an awareness campaign where we are distribute 10000+ “Sakoras” (Small Earthen Pots) to citizens who care for birds and are promise to fill up their Sakoras with fresh water and seeds every day.

This year, we also started with “Sparrow House – Chidiya Ghar” and are distributing 3000 of them to citizens. These are specially made houses which are made from cardboard and laminated such that it can last during monsoon also.

We have also partnered with “Times of India” and have conducted events during their “Happy Streets” event on every Sundays. This is a small initiative impacting a number of birds and in turn lives of human beings as it is brings us closer to nature.